What To Look For When Hiring An Organization To Do Your Political Phone Banking

21 January 2018
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If you're hiring a marketing organization to do political phone banking, you may be wondering what type of group you should hire. There are a lot of different aspects to consider, but here are a few of the essentials you should consider looking for.

1. Political Affiliation

To make the process easier, you may want to hire a political phone banking team that is onboard with your political agenda. When people truly believe in the same things as you, that can make the process more successful and efficient. That said, some professionals can effectively make calls from both sides of the aisle.

2. Scripts

Whether the people doing the phone banking agree with your political perspective or not, a script can be essential. A script ensures that all the callers are on the same page, and additionally, professional script writers can put together text based on what people tend to respond to the best.

In contrast, if all the callers are just making up their own comments, you don't have the same assurance that the calls will be successful. When reviewing the script, remember that successful political scripts should have rebuttals for common objections.

3. Space and Supplies

If you're outsourcing your political phone banking, you may want to hire an organization that has the space and supplies you need. That cuts down on the tasks you have to take care of. In particular, you don't have to worry about finding space to rent, investing in office chairs, or setting up phone service.

4. A Focus on Getting Out the Vote

One area where phone banking can be really successful is in terms of getting out the vote. This refers to cases where your phone banks call someone who already agrees with your position. The callers don't have to convince the person on the other side of the line to change their mind.

They just have to convince the person to actually get out and vote. Phone bank organizations that focus on getting out the vote, should be armed with information on polling places and how to register. They should guide the voters through this process.

5. Volunteers

To save some money on your total costs, you may want to work with a political phone bank organization that has experience with volunteers. They should be able to train volunteers and possibly even advertise for volunteers. That can help to make your impact stronger without costing your campaign too much money.