Tips For Starting A Video Marketing Campaign

10 November 2015
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Video is a great marketing format because it helps engage the viewer and makes him or her feel more connected to your product. It also allows you to set up dramatic storytelling or entertaining, artsy shots that will grab the viewer's attention. Here are some tips for starting a video marketing campaign.

1. Make Your Videos Tell a Story

Tell a narrative in each of your videos because people are naturally more drawn to stories and will be more likely to pay attention to your campaign. One possible option for a beginning video campaign is to shoot three or four videos that each tell a mini story.

For example, suppose that you sell a vacuum. Tell the story of a kid who keeps losing his or her LEGOs in the vacuum and is really sad but becomes happy when he or she finds that they are easily retrievable since the bag of the vacuum is incredibly easy to remove. Tell the story of a mom who only wants to walk around barefoot but can't bear to do so because her floors are constantly full of grime she can't reach. Show how the vacuum turns this around. Finally, tell the story of a dad who likes to eat potato chips on the couch but gets the crumbs everywhere and now none of his friends will come over because the couch is essentially one large, crunchy block. Show how he uses the vacuum to clean his couch up.

Telling short, silly stories will help engage the viewer and make them think about your product for a greater period of time.

2. Don't Fade to Black

Don't end a marketing video with a blank screen or a closed door. This is because it essentially leaves the viewer with nothing to act upon. Instead, leave the viewer with your contact information, some research that supports the claims that you made in the video, or a call-to-action that tells your customer exactly what he or she should do to reach you if he or she is in a specific situation. For example, a good call to action for the end of a vacuum ad would be "If you are tired of getting crumbs on your clothes every time you go near your couch, call us today!"

3. Put Your Video On Social Media

Put your video on social media platforms. This is better than YouTube because there is less of a chance that your viewer will be linked to videos that the competition has put out. Wait until you have a larger number of videos before putting your videos on YouTube.

For more information, talk to a video production company.