Tips To Make Your Arena Advertisement Stand Out

23 March 2016
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If you own a business that operates in a community with an arena, marketing your brand with the help of an advertisement on the rink boards can be effective. If the arena facility is busy with hockey games, figure skating competitions and public skating, you can reasonably expect that a wide range of people will be seeing your arena advertising each week. As such, you have a captive audience for the duration of the sporting event, but you'll need to make sure your ad stands out above those around it. Here are some ways to make that happen.

Ensure That Your Message Suits The Venue

When you're advertising at an arena, many of the people who see your sign will be sports fans or parents of young athletes. Even if your business doesn't have anything to do with sports, make sure your message ties into the nature of the venue. For example, if you own a pizzeria, include a message such as, "Joe's Pizzeria -- Proudly Serving Hungry Hockey Players since 1995." There's a strong chance that at least some of the other signs in the arena will be generic, which will help your sport-specific slogan stand out and show that you're a strong supporter of the local athletic scene in some capacity.

Make Your Lettering Large Enough

Small lettering on your sign might allow you to fit more information, but people who are sitting across the arena and in the upper level of seating are likely to have trouble making out a tiny font size, which will render your message futile. Visit the arena to gauge the approximate viewing distance of people who will see your sign and then consider the font size accordingly. Four-inch letters, for example, can typically be clearly seen up to about 113 feet away. Keep this rule in mind and set your letter size accordingly.

Provide A URL Or Social Media Address

Parents who sit in an arena to watch their children will often be using their smartphones at the same time -- take advantage of this by providing a URL for your business or some social media information to allow people to connect. If there's enough room on your sign, you could even mention an online promotion that will entice people. For example, they can download a discount coupon off your website. Many parents will be enticed with the idea of checking out your site or social media account during a break in the action.