3 Awesome Ways To Propose At The Beach

30 March 2016
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If you are proposing to someone who loves the beach, or if you just want to make sure that your proposal is as romantic and special as possible, you might be thinking about doing so on the beach. However, you could be wondering if there is a better way than simply getting on your knee in the sand. If so, consider one of these three proposal ideas.

1. Use Aerial Advertising Have you ever noticed the planes that fly over the ocean on a busy day, pulling along an advertisement for a local beach shop or other local business? Aerial advertising businesses offer this service to local merchants, but you may be able to put one of these messages in the sky yourself. You can choose the banner design and can choose a date and time. Your loved one is sure to get excited upon seeing your proposal being flown across the sky!

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2. Write it in the Sand If you're able to get to the beach before your love -- or if you can get a little bit of help from a friend -- writing the message in the sand is a totally romantic way of proposing, and it doesn't have to cost a dime. Simply trace out the message in the sand with your finger or a stick, and lead your loved one to the sand when you're ready. Just make sure that your message is written out in an area that is far enough away from the tide -- you don't want your message being washed out to sea before your loved one is able to see it!

3. Put a Message in a Bottle The idea of picking up a bottle with a message inside can be exciting, and it's something that you can recreate for your love. Look for a nice glass bottle -- you should be able to find one in a local craft shop or online -- and handwrite or type a message for your loved one. You can even consider slipping a rose or other token into the bottle. Just make sure that the lip of the bottle is large enough that your loved one can easily get the letter -- and any mementos that you decide to tuck inside -- out of the bottle without too much of a struggle.

Proposing at the beach can be wonderful in itself, and it can be even better if you try one of these unique ideas. Try one of these ideas, and you can start your engagement out in an exciting and romantic way.