Three Tips For Shipping Your Trade Show Display Equipment

8 April 2016
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If you travel across the country participating in different trade shows and other exhibit events, you know just how important shipping your display setup is. Getting your equipment to the destination on time and without damage is important. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of shipping your display materials.

Choose The Right Case

Successful shipment of your trade show setup begins with the right type of case. Take the time to choose wisely, from a company like the one found at For starters, don't spend so much time focusing on the exterior of the case that you overlook its interior design. The inside of the case needs to be conducive to the materials you have inside.

For example, for shipping booth banners and other delicate items, stay away from cases with hard, abrasive interior surfaces. With all the manipulation that takes place during the transport process, having these materials rubbing against an abrasive surface can increase the risk of damage. Make sure you're choosing wisely.

Don't Wait Until The Last Minute

Large shipping companies may guarantee delivery times, but the unexpected can quickly throw off even the most reliable of company. Computer glitches, vehicle breakdowns, adverse weather and a host of other scenarios can slow down shipping times. Make sure you are prepared for your next trade show by shipping your display setup early. Don't want until the last minute.

If you have the time, it might even be wise to allow for double the normal shipping time. For instance, for a route that generally takes two days, ship four days in advance. Shipping early doesn't just help keep you on schedule, this can also help save you money by helping you avoid expedited shipping charges.

Adapt A TMI Attitude

When it comes to prepping your labels for your display shipment, it's best to adapt a too much information attitude. Your display setup is an investment. An investment you don't want lost and should a mishap happen, one that you will have returned to you.

The more information you provide the less room for delivery confusion and the easier it will be to get in contact with a company representative in the event of an issue. In addition to the destination address, you also want to include the name of the trade show, the name of your company, your anticipated booth number and a cell phone number.

The more effort you put into shipping your trade show display, the less room for error and the greater your chances of a successful event. Make sure you are taking your time when performing this task for the best outcome.