The Pulp Sci-Fi Magazine Approach To Home Appliance Trade Show Displays

22 November 2016
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The attendance at home appliance trade shows have a tendency to be huge. Attendees may be looking for that brilliant washer and dryer combination capable of making life easier thanks to new and innovative functions. Trade show booth displays assist in connecting a buyer with those new appliances. Generic trade show displays are decent, but decent hardly motivates the mind of the buyer. An appeal to intellect and emotion presents a better approach that helps drew attention and interest to the display booth. Indifference to a dull display is hardly going to evoke a desirable response. New appliances and advanced innovations go together so crafting a trade show booth that maintains futuristic elements may work tremendously well.

Inspired But Not Over The Top

A retail appliance trade show is not a comic book convention. Borrowing inspired elements from the science-fiction genre helps enhance a booth, but borrowing too much could undermine the credibility of the product. A floor display that looks like the deck of the Starship Enterprise is going to appear more comedic than serious. Something that hints of the wonder of classic sci-fi, however, may strike the right chord with a potential buyer.

The Pulp Magazine Style

The images found on pulp magazine covers of the 1930s and 1940s featured a mix of the natural world and the mysterious futuristic one. A trade show display could appropriate similar stylistic elements. Doing so may include the following:

  • Mixing the Present with the Future

The trade show booth maintains a style evocative of a standard kitchen or laundry room found in any home while the appliances may stand out as sleek, stylized, and futuristic. A black and white checkered floor evocative of a "mundane" home could be pleasantly contrasted by the newest appliances sitting on top the floor.  Such imagery is eye-catching and inspiring for sure.

  • Employing am Attention-Grabbing Color Scheme

Pulp covers liked to mix bright, flashy colors to contrast the "real world" with the metallic elements of the rocket ships and landing pads. Doing so aided in grabbing eyes looking for magazine covers. A light-blue trade show booth wall should allow the futuristic silver-metallic appliances to stand out as something special. Those passing by may just stop at the booth to see what this unique glimpse into the future of home appliances reveals.

Home appliances are more science than science-fiction, but a little sci-fi in the sales element may work wonders at a trade show. For more information on trade show displays, check out a company like Exhibit Studios Inc.