Understanding The Benefits Of Using An Event Planner For Company Functions

22 February 2017
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There are several reasons that it may be advantageous to use an event planner for your company function, this includes their experience and less stress on your staff. Event planners will be charged with ensuring that your event is a success and that the message is well received. It is the job of these companies to handle all aspects of an event such as hotel accommodations, food menus, contacting speakers, and organizing entertainment. The information below provides some details on the benefits of having an event planner handle your functions. 

Event Planning Negotiations

When using corporate event planners, it can be cost effective, because they are aware of supplier pricing. In addition, most event planners have a list of vendors and suppliers they normally work with and have better purchasing power. This means that the prices they are quoted may be significantly lower from those your company would receive. There also may be items that your company is not familiar with, because they aren't as experienced with planning events, but the event planner can present them to you and offer cost effective advice. For instance, they may suggest a caterer for an event that may be a better option than the one you desire.

Event Planning Time Saving Options

The purpose of an event planner is to take some of the time and stress off of your company that it would take to put on an event. Therefore, an event planner is charged with taking care of the logistics. Typically, the only things you have to worry about when you hand over your company function to an event planner, is providing the final approval. For instance, once the event planner has finalized the budget for your function, you will have to approve the totals before they can move forward.

Event Planning Venue Management

The venue you choose for your company function, should coincide with the demands of the event. This means that there should not only be enough room, but the location should also have the right equipment. So if you require meeting rooms with podiums, overhead projectors, and a kitchen, the event planner should be able to manage these options for your company. However, for event planners to complete their job correctly, they may need some information about the event, such as the number of people, the type of event and if your guests are local or coming in from out of town. If you are unsure of all the services you would require, it may be advantageous to speak with a corporate event planner to see if they could accommodate the needs of your company.