The ABCD's Of A Good Accounting Firm Newsletter

19 February 2019
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If you manage an accounting firm, you know how challenging it can be to keep everyone on the same page. A good solution to build unity is to send out a newsletter to all of your employees, interns, and perhaps even your regular clients. But not all newsletters are good newsletters! Follow these ACBD tips for a successful accounting firm newsletter.

A: Accounting

First off, make sure you keep the newsletter focused on accounting-related topics. The fact that you added a new soda machine in the lunchroom or updated the copiers in the second floor copy room is interesting -- but those facts don't belong in your accounting-focused newsletter. Send out separate memos for them. If your employees open the first few newsletters and find they filled with wishy-washy info like break room updates, they won't take the newsletter seriously and continue to read it. Focus on accounting and business-related articles, only.

B: Brief

Nobody is going to read a 5-page newsletter, especially these days when people value bite-size pieces of information. Keep your newsletter to two pages or less. If you can cut it down to one page, that's even better. You don't have to exclude information, but keep your writing concise. Offer just the facts. Your newsletter is not the place for flowering language or your next novel.

C: Consistent

Choose a day of the week for your newsletter to go out, and make sure it goes out consistently on that date. Your employees will learn to expect the newsletter and will make it a part of their routine on that day. If you struggle to consistently release newsletters, consider working with a CPA email newsletter provider. They can automatically send your newsletter out for you so you never miss a date.

D: Demographic

Keep in mind who you are writing the newsletter for. Ask yourself what information is most important for your employees to know. If you also send the newsletter to clients, you may want to consider including a few slightly different articles on the client version of the newsletter. This way, neither group will be left reading a newsletter that includes articles that aren't suited to their needs or interests.

Large accounting firms, especially, are hard organizations to keep unified. But if you remember to focus on Accounting, Brevity, Consistency, and your Demographics in a weekly newsletter, you will be off to a good start. For more information about finding an Accounting Firm Email Newsletter Platform Provider, talk with a newsletter provider in your area.