Tips For Planning An Executive Awards Dinner

22 April 2019
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Executive awards are a great way to honor someone who has gone above and beyond to do a great job and help a corporation grow and succeed. In some larger corporations, a number of executive awards are handed out to people from different departments who have shown excellence in their field. While receiving the honor of an executive award usually means a lot to a person, few companies choose to just hand a person their award and say congratulations at the office. Instead, executive awards are usually celebratory affairs that typically include dinner. If you're in charge of planning an executive awards dinner, use the following tips:

Select the Venue

One of the most important aspects of planning an executive awards dinner is selecting the right venue. Since executive award dinners are typically upscale events, it is best to look at resorts, conference centers, or large restaurants that rent private rooms when trying to decide on a venue. Ideally, you should start planning an executive awards dinner as far in advance as possible to help ensure that you are able to book the venue that you want for the date you want. This is especially true during wedding season when a lot of venues that would serve well for an executive awards dinner will be booked.

Choose a Menu

When people are coming to be honored for their great work, you don't want to serve them an uninspired dinner. Most venues that are able to host executive awards dinners have catering departments, and they offer a wide variety of menu choices. It is best to review your menu options in advance and book an appointment to do a tasting. Menus are typically priced per person, so you will be able to look at your options and determine which menu best fits in the budget for the executive awards dinner based on the number of people you plan on attending.

Don't Forget to Order the Executive Awards

Executive awards are typically plaques or trophies that one can keep as a physical keepsake of their honor. There are a number of options when it comes to the materials used for an executive award--you can opt for glass, crystal, or gold-plated, just to name a few. After you select the type of executive award you want to present, you will need to present the company creating the awards with the information that you want to be engraved on each one. Make sure you place your order early in order to ensure that the executive awards will arrive on time. 

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