Three Times For A Gym To Distribute Door Hangers

18 May 2020
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If you operate a gym, one of your primary goals will be to recruit new members. There are many different ways that you can work toward this goal, including through the use of door hanger advertising. These devices, which hang on the front doors of peoples' homes, serve as a unique way to bring awareness to your gym. While you can certainly distribute these advertisements whenever you want to make a membership push, it's a smart idea to do so at strategic times. Here are three times during the year that it can be useful to create and distribute door hangers.

New Year's

Getting in shape is one of the most common New Year's resolutions, which means that a lot of people will be thinking about joining a gym in January. Distributing your door hangers in the first week of the year can be effective because it ties into so many peoples' resolutions. Someone who wants to join a gym at this time of the year may see your gym's door hanger on his or her front door, read it to learn about the perks of membership, and visit you to sign up. Design your door hangers to advertise a special rate that you're offering, as well as include wording that relates to resolutions.

In Advance Of The Summer

A lot of people like the idea of getting in shape for the summer months — especially if they plan to visit the beach or attend pool parties on a number of occasions. You may wish to distribute door hangers prior to the start of summer, as this can help to encourage people to visit your gym to work on their bodies. You'll want to design your door hangers to address this topic. For example, you might have some pictures of fit people enjoying the beach and make reference to working on "beach muscles."

Back To School

You may also wish to launch a membership drive aimed at students around the time that they return to school in your community. While it's true that some students will feel too busy to visit the gym, you can take the approach of reminding them that working out is an effective way to reduce stress. Many gyms have student membership rates, which will allow high school and college students to join the gym without breaking the bank. If you offer such a rate, your design should focus on this information as a way to entice students to think about joining.