Tips For Planning An Executive Awards Dinner

22 April 2019
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Executive awards are a great way to honor someone who has gone above and beyond to do a great job and help a corporation grow and succeed. In some larger corporations, a number of executive awards are handed out to people from different departments who have shown excellence in their field. While receiving the honor of an executive award usually means a lot to a person, few companies choose to just hand a person their award and say congratulations at the office. Read More 

The ABCD’s Of A Good Accounting Firm Newsletter

19 February 2019
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If you manage an accounting firm, you know how challenging it can be to keep everyone on the same page. A good solution to build unity is to send out a newsletter to all of your employees, interns, and perhaps even your regular clients. But not all newsletters are good newsletters! Follow these ACBD tips for a successful accounting firm newsletter. A: Accounting First off, make sure you keep the newsletter focused on accounting-related topics. Read More 

How Your Home Building Business Can Benefit From A CRM System

19 January 2019
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If you build homes, then you need an effective way to manage clients. There's no better way to do this than to use a home builder CRM (customer-relationship management) system. Using it regularly can benefit your home building business in the following ways.  Identify and Organize Relevant Client Details  Every time your company has an interaction with a client, relevant details are usually provided. For example, the client may share some preferences they have for the home you're building them. Read More